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Decorative Films

Architects, designers and store planners have long known of the benefits of window tinting for control of sun, safety and design. Now, the window tinting film industry has developed a decorative window film product line. From beveled glass trim tape to translucent privacy film products, the variety of decorative films is impressive.

Beveled Glass Trim Tape

Beveled glass is the look that many customers want today in their homes and offices. Traditional beveling on tempered glass is often a long production time and costly project. With the new Beveled Glass Trim Tapes, customers can have the look of beveled glass with a much shorter lead-time and often a significant cost savings. Beveled glass trim tapes hold up well in the kitchen environment and can be cleaned with common household cleaners such as Windex. Exposure to cleaning solutions will not cause shrinkage or yellowing of the tape. Although the tape is resistant to reasonable contact from cleaning, the tape can be scratched if the tape is exposed to sharp or blunt objects as well as aggressive contact from fingernails. Beveled Glass Trim Tapes require special training and tools to install which National Window Tinting has received. We are excited to offer this wonderful product to the Front Range.

Translucent Privacy Film Products

As part of the innovation of window film products, a variety of translucent textured window films have been developed. These films let the light in but provide visual privacy levels. The variety of textures and translucency range from a rice paper effect to tissue paper to sand blasted textures. These textured privacy films are perfect for conference rooms, bathroom windows, windows facing neighbors or those near entry doors.

Call us today and ask to see samples of all of our decorative films. We offer professional installation of these products for the home or office. We have a variety of application patterns and concepts that we would be happy to share with you for your next decorative window treating project.

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